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  • Last Updated - 02/23/2012  

API Singapore 2012 has something for everyone.

Online Registration is now closed, however, you may still register onsite at the Marina Bay Sands - Conference level 3.

Who Should Attend:

Although API Singapore 2012 has content that spans the industry, each segment has it's own educational track to give delegates the opportunity to learn valuable information specific to their area of expertise. The conference will also provide plenty of networking opportunities and information on advanced products and services for each segment. Above all, API Singapore 2012 is brought to you by the organization that writes the standards and works with the best industry experts!

If you are involved in any of the following, API Singapore 2012 is for you.


The Upstream track will offer delegates the opportunity to meet with industry experts on deepwater issues and challenges, offshore safety and environmental systems, offshore equipment, API Specifications and Standards, and operating procedures. This track will also include two in depth training sessions on API Spec 6A - Wellhead and Christmas Tree Equipment, and API Spec Q1 - Specification for Quality Programs.

  • Operation of offshore, shore-base terminals
  • Drilling contractors
  • Crane service/supply firms
  • Anyone involved with offshore issues


The Downstream track will focus on inspection processes and other means of integrity assessment of pressure equipment, piping/pipelines and storage tanks, including API certification programs. Delegates who are interested in Risk-Based Inspection, Fitness-for-Service, corrosion, and weld quality will be educated by the best industry experts in their respective fields.

Petroleum Industry Inspectors and other personnel responsible for assuring integrity and reliability of equipment will find tremendous value in attending the ICP track presentations.

  • Operations and engineering managers
  • Process unit engineers and specialists
  • Refinery equipment specialists


This track provides a great opportunity for people in the Asia Pacific region and nearby who are involved or interested in fiscal and custody transfer, bulk inventory control measurement, and accountability of hydrocarbons fluids. While not intended to be a full scale, in-depth training class by API, the seminar has been designed for personnel from engineering support, plant operations, planning, and those involved in petroleum measurement capital projects and company standards development.

As a unique gathering by industry experts to share their knowledge and experience, the seminar is not off-the-shelf text book teaching.  The seminar will be of great value to engineers, technicians, petroleum stock control analysts, oil and gas movement planners, auditors, and supervisors.

  • Engineers
  • Loss/Control Specialists
  • Sales and Marketing Managers
  • Measurement Specialists
  • Measurement Auditors
  • Chemists
For all tracks, we welcome Oil and Natural Gas Companies, Manufacturers, and Consultants who are involved or interested in Safety, Performance and Reliability.